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Place matters.

Postal facilities are strategically located where people live. When places are strained we need to be smart about how to maximize existing assets to leverage new investment - and create new value.

We need to bridge the Places and Postal divide.

Why Postal Facilities?

Unified approach to integrate different complimentary services


Integrated with local data and smart infrastructure


Value added for property owners and communities alike


Resilient for industry evolution and changing community conditions. 

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Project History

It all started with a vision looking down Hamilton avenue at the Broad Street Vehicle Maintenance Facility in Pittsburgh. 5 acres of parking lot and rooftop at the edge of one of the most underserved communities in the city. What more could be done with that space? How could it be a place a part of the community - not apart from the community.  


Combining some of Pittsburgh’s entrepreneurial gumption, philanthropic investment, academic intelligence, and community resilience yielded an unlikely combination of ideas, research, and strategy to turn postal spaces into outposts for community resilience.  

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