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Where Could This Happen?

Geographic Implications, Mapping Tools, and Other Resources

Place matters. Postal facilities are strategically located where people live. When places are strained, maximizing existing assets to leverage new investment - and create new value is critical for community resilience. Optimizing the use of postal facilities represents an untapped asset to serve as a community anchor institution.  


While the options for creative reuse are many plentiful to address digital equity, community health, and even energy generation and storage - the starting question is where are the locations that are the best fit to address community need based upon the type of property and context of place.  


 The future of the US Postal Service begins with the question of where can we do more?  

Postal Facilities in Context

These interactive maps include geocoded postal facilities and national ZIP Code level census data layers including: poverty, population density, SNAP/food stamp utilization, and un/underserved broadband access. The Google Maps base layer allows the viewer to identify additional opportunity factors and community assets, including libraries, schools, hospitals, and municipal facilities.


*All data is from the US Census Bureau. Data is shaded by color based on quantiles, with darker shades indicating higher percentages.



Maps developed by Fourth Economy Consulting for Outposts LLC. Copyright 2020

Proprietary Mapping App

This proprietary mapping app was built to filter thousands of data points by fields like poverty rate, households receiving SNAP, and households without internet. Based on the applied filters, a CSV file with the resulting data can be downloaded for further analysis in the decision tool. Interested in using this tool to find a location? Click here to contact us for more information.

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